Microschooling Mama

Education should be individualized, passionate + purposeful.

Hi, I’m Marisa. I’m a credentialed teacher & bonus mom who’s all about creating innovative educational opportunities, reshaping outdated methods of teaching and learning, & advocating for SPED rights and medical freedom.

I’m the founder of Donnelly’s Daily Apple, an organization that offers individualized and flexible learning options for students and families seeking educational alternatives—including part and full-time homeschool programs, small-group/one-on-one learning, tutoring, and homeschool support.

I firmly believe in reshaping traditional education to meet the needs of EVERY child.

About Me:

I’ve always been interested in education and fascinated by structures and programs and how they help (or hinder). When I became a bonus mom of a kiddo with dyslexia, I quickly became passionate about learning, changing, advocating, and pursuing alternatives to best support his needs.

During the global health crisis of 2020, I launched a full-time microschool to support my kiddo and other students in the San Diego area. . . and this quickly became something I couldn’t stop talking about!

I created Microschooling Mama to catalog my personal journey, and to share, advocate, and educate others on non-traditional learning alternatives.

At the heart, my mission is to reshape education and create opportunities for truly individualized learning.

[PS: You can read more about my story here].

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Microschooling Mama is a vertical dedicated to sharing about + advocating for non-traditional educational opportunities.

I started sharing pictures of my journey (with my kiddo and my students) on Instagram. To learn about me, what I believe in, and what I do, click on the images below. ❤️